Your Wedding Day — Move back, move forward…follow your heart!

Jay Flood
2 min readJan 28, 2021


So many people that work in the wedding industry like to predict the coming trends and desires of future couples planning on getting married. This is mostly so they can be ready to capitalise and be ‘on trend’ but also to help these couples create the wedding day of their dreams. The latest one to 2020 was obviously ‘guest size’ — how big and how many guests can I have? We’ve seen weddings go from whatever you wanted to some kind of restriction due to the pandemic.

I’ve done some fantastic weddings with only the couple, two witnesses and myself — really meaningful, heartfelt wedding ceremonies that work amazingly with limited guests. I’ve had many people in 2020 cut the guest list to nothing. The opportunity to have a small wedding was just too easy. The get married now, party later concept was to enticing and I find when a couple decide to get married, they really want to set the date and start planning and looking forward.

I wanted to share my thoughts on this having been married for twenty years this year to my wife. I’m lucky I know, making a marriage last can be a source of happiness and should always be the goal. The longer I’m married the more I look back on my wedding day with fondness and gratefulness on what we created on that day. I find myself talking to couples and encouraging them to follow their hearts and really create what they want. Maybe it’s not time to cut the guest list but maybe it’s time to wait or to bring the wedding of your dreams forward. You’ll look back in years to come so grateful for your wedding if you follow your heart and do what you both truly want. Your wedding day is something you only want to do once, so find those thoughts and feelings around what you want, those things that make you feel excited about your wedding day and follow that — that is what you really want — start creating it, working towards it, waiting if need be or even bringing it forward to make it happen for you. The value of your wedding day can also increase in value over time — the memories you make and the choice to follow your heart’s desire will pay off.

Don’t be on trend, don’t be rushed into a small wedding, don’t forsake all guest numbers if that’s not what you really want — do it right, do it once and always follow your heart!

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